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Repair & Restoration

A modern industrial designers life is filled with emails, spreadsheets, phone calls, data entry, logging activities, 3D CAD, image croping and retouching, website updates, meetings, a few concept sketches, more phone calls and emails. Few and far between are the more tactile activities; a factory visit to look at existing or a new production process; a trip to the back of house machining centres to mock-up an idea, cut apart an exisitng component to understand fitment; or to conduct in house prototype trials.
So when the weekend comes, I often look for a tactile project to immerse myself with.

Over the past few years these have included; stripping back, cutting out rot, stabilising, sanding and re-coating of a 100 year old teachers desk; grinding back a small tripod lamp, then finishing with gloss black and brass plating; sanding, filling, and re-spraying art deco fibreglass stools; or creating a light-box from an old service station fuel price number.

“ ...a tactile project to immerse myself with.”

Next up is a scooter and a cricket bat…  

There’s always the next project waiting in the garage of the back of the mind.
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