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These product renders represent the colmination of a two year journey in which all product componentry 3D CAD files where either recovered and repaired from tooling or production partners, or completely rebuilt off 2D drawings or physical components.



The Aqualuma Highbay High Output leverages the housing design of the Uplight to couple on an externally facing 240w Meanwell driver.

By removing the internal driver of the standard version, allows the LED chips to be run harder without increasing their junction temperatures, which ultimately dictate the lifetime expectancy of the chips.

The Hgih Output has been specifically created for high pole masts for suburban sports facilities and carparks.


I was commissioned to take the initial Kimber Komb prototype, and develop it further.
The primary task was to resolve a few underlying mechanical issues. These included; refinement and inclusion of a second mechanical guide such that the blade would remain vertical and follow a uniform path across the comb; adjusting the gear ratios to ensure smooth motion; increasing the blade rake to reduce cutting friction; and insertion of a secondary spring which would return the blade to the start.
The second task was to remodel all of the components for ease of manufacture.
And lastly, to create a more elegant and ergonomic external forms.


As an importer and wholesaler of bathroom products, Glenn Powell of Who Bathroom Warehouse identified a gap in the market between the entry level Chinese product and the medium quality designer product. I was brought on board to design and document the fixtures and fittings of the new price point. A fabrication package was created which included 3D models, 2D detailed drawings including the Bill of Materials. Glenn used this package to source samples from China prior to going into preliminary production.


I was contracted to create the 3D CAD files from the clients basic prototype. Design considerations for the end user were applied with assistance from thrash metal bass guitarist Michael Jeffery. I worked closely with the Production Engineer, Bill McMinn, to optimise the design through Fused Deposition Modeling prototypes and onto production through injection molding. For the final aesthetic, being a uniquely Australian product, I had no option but to elect a uniquely Australian snake to become the motif… enter the Copperhead!
To find out more and buy yours, see Snake Pick.