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Kirsty and her husband Angus happened upon my artwork when having breakfast at the newly opened Bread & Butter in Kirra. In the first month I met Kirsty, she gave birth to her third child, relocated her young family from Sydney to Brisbane, opened The Milk Bar to work there 7 days a week there whilst caring for her newborn who slept in the storeroom and breast fed during our meetings, not to mention the two other children when they bundled in after kindergarten finished for the day. Some 7 months later she casually mentioned she was also completing a PHD in Environment Science… A powerhouse of enthusiasm and possibility! My first official client, I was paid the highest compliment recently when asked to be the Godfather to their fourth child.



A selection of artworks, both course and self directed, created while at University in Canberra and in Spain between the years of 1998 and 2002.