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These product renders represent the colmination of a two year journey in which all product componentry 3D CAD files where either recovered and repaired from tooling or production partners, or completely rebuilt off 2D drawings or physical components.



The Aqualuma Highbay High Output leverages the housing design of the Uplight to couple on an externally facing 240w Meanwell driver.

By removing the internal driver of the standard version, allows the LED chips to be run harder without increasing their junction temperatures, which ultimately dictate the lifetime expectancy of the chips.

The Hgih Output has been specifically created for high pole masts for suburban sports facilities and carparks.


A good friend and Macquarie banker commissioned this artwortk for their home study.

The work was created from pen and pencil sketches which were overlaid and finished digitally prior to being printed on premium archive canvass.




Kirsty and her husband Angus happened upon my artwork when having breakfast at the newly opened Bread & Butter in Kirra. In the first month I met Kirsty, she gave birth to her third child, relocated her young family from Sydney to Brisbane, opened The Milk Bar to work there 7 days a week there whilst caring for her newborn who slept in the storeroom and breast fed during our meetings, not to mention the two other children when they bundled in after kindergarten finished for the day. Some 7 months later she casually mentioned she was also completing a PHD in Environment Science… A powerhouse of enthusiasm and possibility! My first official client, I was paid the highest compliment recently when asked to be the Godfather to their fourth child.



I was commissioned to take the initial Kimber Komb prototype, and develop it further.
The primary task was to resolve a few underlying mechanical issues. These included; refinement and inclusion of a second mechanical guide such that the blade would remain vertical and follow a uniform path across the comb; adjusting the gear ratios to ensure smooth motion; increasing the blade rake to reduce cutting friction; and insertion of a secondary spring which would return the blade to the start.
The second task was to remodel all of the components for ease of manufacture.
And lastly, to create a more elegant and ergonomic external forms.


A selection of artworks, both course and self directed, created while at University in Canberra and in Spain between the years of 1998 and 2002.


I was commissioned to create a series of three artworks for Hutchinson Builders soon to be completed new regional offices for the Gold Coast. The artworks reflect the regions natural beauty and lifestyle, all of which are enjoyed by the staff who live and work there. The artworks have been  created digitally and are to be printed on premium archive canvas.


Turtle Pac called on my services to turn their prototype of an Aircraft Long Range Fuel Bladder into 3D CAD models. This distinct product was the first of its kind worldwide to fit in any spare seat of light aircraft or helicopters, which enabled these craft to access long range abilities without expensive re-engineering for additional steel fuel tanks. A full set of fabrication drawings was also produced from these to assist their certification and compliance process with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.